How to Use the Kindergarten Common Core Workbook

How to Use the Kindergarten Common Core Workbook

So we’re selling this wonderful, very extensive workbook, but how do you sort through nearly 650 pages and figure out how to use it, right? Isn’t that what you’re wondering? I mean, what stops this from going on the shelf or in a file folder somewhere like all those other things you are given to use as a resource? It’s a very good question, because even at a reasonable $39 for a download, no one likes to waste money.¬†Here’s how I might suggest you use it:

If you have a district academic plan that requires you to teach certain standards each week, use our searchable index in the front of the workbook. With a mouseclick, you move to the activities and worksheets designed to help teach that standard. Each standard has at least one center and at least 2 worksheets.

If you have a textbook you have to follow, look at the standards being taught in those lessons. Match the standard numbers to the worksheets and resources we offer in our workbook. Print or use them on a whiteboard.

If you have set standards you must follow per week or unit, that’s even easier. Again, just match the numbers and codes up, and you’re ready to go!

Take a look at our free previews, and you’ll see how simple it can be!

Kindergarten Common Core Workbook

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