Common Core Materials

By now, I hope you all know that we have created 12 workbooks full of common core activities, lessons, worksheets, and assessments. We have the 6 grade level workbooks from K-5. We also have the 6 grade level assessment workbooks from K-5. But, what if you don’t want to spend $20 on up to get some materials for your lessons? Everyone has their own teaching style, and maybe you don’t need a huge book of resources. Maybe you’re the person who likes to pick and choose what you get. You’re the build-your-own combo kinda person.

who's telling the story lesson pictures or words lesson main ideas and details lesson main topic lesson


Well, we offer a good deal of our materials for sale on TeachersPayTeachers in individual lessons. Maybe you need a Main Ideas and Details skill lesson. It could be for your classroom, you might be tutoring, or maybe your kids at home need a little extra boost. You don’t need the whole workbook. You can get one lesson at a time, most for only a dollar or two! Pick and choose and get what the common core materials you need.

Common Core Assessment Templates

Common Core Assessment Templates

Or, if it’s not lessons you’re needing so much as make-your-own worksheets, quizzes, and lesson plan templates, you can check out Common Core Assessment Templates, made by Have Fun Teaching’s own Andrew Frinkle. There are 175 templates you can use to make your own writing, language, math, matching, graphic organizer, and primary worksheets or quizzes!

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