Do you need to show that you are using the new Common Core Standards in your lesson plans? Look no further, because our workbook series has an activity and one or more worksheets for each standard. In addition to that, the standards are printed on every page, making it easy to add the standards to your lesson plan books, whether they are digital or hand-written. Use our activities to help fill out a lesson you already have planned, match the workbook lessons to the core materials your school provides, or use our materials as the centerpiece of a lesson series for each standard. The possibilities are endless!

Find out a little more about the common core standards and the domains they cover in math and english language arts below.


Common Core English Language Arts              Common Core English Language Arts

There are 6 Domains for the Common Core English and Language Arts. Each Domain has many standards for each grade level. These Domains are:

  1. Reading: Literature 
  2. Reading: Informational Text
  3. Reading: Foundational Skills
  4. Writing
  5. Speaking and Listening
  6. Language

There are 6 Domains for the Common Core Math. Each Domain has many standards for each grade level. These Domains are:

  1. Counting and Cardinality
  2. Operations and Algebraic Thinking
  3. Number and Operations in Base Ten
  4. Number and Operations – Fractions
  5. Measurement and Data
  6. Geometry

Each Grade Level has specific Common Core Standards for Math and English Language Arts that students must learn throughout the school year. In other words, the Common Core is basically, “What your students should learn by the end of the school year.” Use these links to learn more about your child’s Grade Level Common Core Standards in Math and English: Kindergarten Standards, First Grade Standards, Second Grade Standards, Third Grade Standards, Fourth Grade Standards, Fifth Grade Standards.

Common Core Workbooks

Common Core Workbooks