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Common Core Workbooks and Assessments

Common Core Workbooks and Assessments

We are now offering our wonderful K-5 Common Core Workbooks and Assessment Workbooks as Instant Download, Preloaded on USB, and Paperback!

Common Core Workbooks

Kindergarten Common Core Workbooks and Assessments

First Grade Common Core Workbooks and Assessments

Second Grade Common Core Workbooks and Assessments

Third Grade Common Core Workbooks and Assessments

Fourth Grade Common Core Workbooks and Assessments

Fifth Grade Common Core Workbooks and Assessments

Common Core Assessment Workbooks

Common Core Assessments – Click Here

Common Core Materials

Common Core Materials

By now, I hope you all know that we have created 12 workbooks full of common core activities, lessons, worksheets, and assessments. We have the 6 grade level workbooks from K-5. We also have the 6 grade level assessment workbooks from K-5. But, what if you don’t want to spend $20 on up to get some materials for your lessons? Everyone has their own teaching style, and maybe you don’t need a huge book of resources. Maybe you’re the person who likes to pick and choose what you get. You’re the build-your-own combo kinda person.

who's telling the story lesson pictures or words lesson main ideas and details lesson main topic lesson


Well, we offer a good deal of our materials for sale on TeachersPayTeachers in individual lessons. Maybe you need a Main Ideas and Details skill lesson. It could be for your classroom, you might be tutoring, or maybe your kids at home need a little extra boost. You don’t need the whole workbook. You can get one lesson at a time, most for only a dollar or two! Pick and choose and get what the common core materials you need.

Common Core Assessment Templates

Common Core Assessment Templates

Or, if it’s not lessons you’re needing so much as make-your-own worksheets, quizzes, and lesson plan templates, you can check out Common Core Assessment Templates, made by Have Fun Teaching’s own Andrew Frinkle. There are 175 templates you can use to make your own writing, language, math, matching, graphic organizer, and primary worksheets or quizzes!

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Common Core Questions

Common Core Questions

A lot of people have questions about common core. I wanted to try to explain a few things and answer a few of the most common questions. Hopefully, it will clear up some misconceptions and brush away some of the misinformation that is floating around. Then, you can look at our materials and decide for yourself how well you think we’ve met the standards. Our free samples should help you see how these standards can be taught and how the goals of a common quality education can be met.

Grade Level Common Core Standards

What is Common Core?

Common Core is, by its name, an attempt to create common standards for core skills for grades K-12. The hope is that every student in America will be learning similar key skills at a similar time during the educational process.

Isn’t this just pointless government regulation?

Well, a few states have actually decided not to go with common core. Others have decided to implement them in part, changing their own state materials to match to the extent they are comfortable. Some states were already ahead of the game in education, so they had less changing to do than others. States are given a choice in the matter. The aim is to offer consistent educational opportunities and experiences across the country.

What’s the point?

As a teacher, it can be very difficult to get a student from another county or even another state that is at an entirely different level, for better or worse, than the rest of the students you are teaching. Maybe the new student has not even seen a division problem before, and you’re already working on 3-digit division with remainders. It is a disservice to any student to place them in a situation where they are behind everyone else. This happens even when students move from one neighborhood to another, changing schools within the same district!

By creating standardized skill sets that students are required to master at each grade, and by communicating them in common language nationwide, students are given a more level playing field.

So some guys who don’t teach threw this stuff together and expect everyone to do it?

Actually, the major teachers unions and associations helped develop these standards.

Isn’t this just another name for what we’ve already been doing?

If a state had unified standards before, chances are, this is not a completely foreign set of standards. You might see some shifts from one grade to another as far as what is expected, but they will be similar. The whole point, again, is to make sure the standards are similar across the country. Also, they have been compared to international standards to help prepare our students for international competition in the job market.

What’s the big deal about standards anyway?

Learning is a building process. It’s a step-by-step addition of new skills building upon basic skills. You need to make sure each student is taught the basics before they go on to more complicated processes. For example, you might learn addition of two 1-digit numbers in Kindergarten. In first grade, it might go to 2-digit numbers. Then you will see borrowing and carrying. More digits will be added. This will pave the way for multiplication and division. It’s a building process.

What about science and social studies?

These are not completely forgotten. There is a HUGE push to include nonfiction and informational text in the standards. Previously, you might have seen young kids reading cutesy stories and whatnot in lower levels, and then they slowly shift toward more informational text as students get older. By middle and high school, it seems like you’re only reading informational text, right? It’s definitely a lot more balanced approach now. It’s actually not impossible to have fun science and social studies text even in lower grades.

So everyone has to buy these common core guys’ textbooks, right?

Actually, the common core standards were developed independent of any specific textbooks. Textbook companies, as always, will update their materials to match the new standards, but the group that developed the standards are not doing all of this to sell any specific materials.

What about testing?

Several groups are working on creating standardized tests, but it is still a state decision. PARCC is one of the major testing developers that is working on a standardized test. They’re in several states. Smarter Balanced is another one to read up on. For the most part, states will decide how they want to test the success of their students in these new standards. These may replace what are currently in place in each state, or they  might not. Regardless, test preparation is important, as well as assessing the learning acquisition of students.

How does this affect college readiness?

In developing these standards, college readiness was a very large concern. They couldn’t take the acquisition of skills too slowly, or students would not be prepared for college. ACT, major colleges, and other groups were consulted to help develop a pathway of education that lead from K-12 and then beyond. Everyone had it in their interest to make sure the proper skill levels were attained by high school graduation.

Where can I read more about this?

There are a lot of sources out there, but reading from the original source is probably best:

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Common Core Lessons

Common Core Lessons

Common Core doesn’t have to be all heartache and headache! Yes, trying to come up with new lesson ideas or even re-aligning your favorite old lessons to the new sets of standards isn’t any fun, but there are resources out there that let you keep teaching without reinventing the wheel. We all have favorite lessons that we are GOING to teach because they make us happy, giving us that little corner of our educational world where we are happiest. Those ones we’re going to tweak and fix and justify with their alignment to standards. What about the rest of the day, the week, or the year? What common core lessons are you going to teach?

Common Core Lessons

We have ready-made frustration-free common core materials for 5 minutes or 50 minutes! We have developed a whole series of grade-level appropriate centers, worksheets, and activities. These can be your bell-ringers. These can be your supplementary materials. These could be your pre-and-post tests. These can be your differentiated instruction materials. You can fit them into your day. That’s the beauty of it.

Teach what you need to, but do it YOUR way. Don’t like a page? Don’t use it. Have ideas to extend the lessons and connect them to other subjects? Great! Do it how you need for your students.

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Common Core Assessments

The brand new Common Core Assessments are here! These Common Core Assessment Workbooks offer an effective way to assess every Common Core Standard for Math and English! Each Assessment Workbook, available in grades Kindergarten, First Grade, Second, Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, and Fifth Grade, includes nearly 100 pages of Common Core Assessments for all the English and Math Common Core Standards! Answer Keys and Progress Reports Are Included in each workbook.

Common Core Assessment Workbooks

Common Core Assessments – Click Here

Common Core Assessment Templates

Common Core Assessment Templates

Have Fun Teaching and Core Common Standard’s very own Velerion Damarke (the pen name of Andrew Frinkle), with some artistic help from HFT’s prez Mark Luchauer, has created a brand new common core assessment tool called Common Core Assessment Templates. We thought that this was a great companion tool that could be used in certain situations with our own Common Core Workbooks and Common Core Assessment Workbooks.

Common Core Assessment Templates
Common Core Assessment Templates

Download Common Core Assessment Templates – Click Here


Before we start getting into the details on the new program, here’s the difference between this program and our own program: The Common Core Assessments have been developed specific to each grade level and each standard, while this workbook of blank testing templates is for any grade. So, while Core Common Standards’ program offers an assessment for each standard that you can grade, this one is more of a make-your-own assessment guidebook with TONS of blank templates to help you design tests of your own.

Featured inside Common Core Assessment Templates are 175 different templates, all BLANK test forms, so you can make them into any test for any level or any topic as needed. They are essentially blank test forms designed to suit just about every testing need, with graphic organizers, multiple choice, writing spaces, problem boxes… These are all color-coded categories of templates, but everything can still be printed in black and white with no content loss.  Templates are adaptable to any grade level. While templates are recommended most strongly for K-5, there are a lot that can be used in Middle and High School! Templates have been standardized to help students get used to the format. There is an Easy Scoring system from 1-10 on every page, and student names are obvious for fast grading. Each page has a box to put standards in. Here are more features:


* Primary: writing letters, spelling, penmanship line forms…
* Writing: sentences, paragraphs, essays, letters…
* Language: cause and effect, word work, vocabulary, parts of speech, cause & effect, plot elements, chronology…
* Math: geometry, operations, time, measurement, fractions, inequalities…
* Graphic Organizers: venns, sorts, timelines, rating forms…
* Quizzing Templates:  Multiple Choice, True or False, Problem Boxes, Short Answer…
* Problem Boxes: A variety of forms from 4-10 problems for page, great for math…
* Matching: math definitions, pictures, words, in all kinds of combinations…

The brand new Common Core Assessment Templates are here! This handsome volume is 196 pages long, and can be bought via a digital download on or bought in a B&W version for $14.99 on Amazon and a full color version for $36.99 (color costs more to print).

Fourth Grade Common Core Assessments

Fourth Grade Common Core Assessments

Fourth Grade Common Core Assessments is out!. This rocking new volume of assessments is an amazing addition to any classroom. You can use it to supplement your lessons. You can fill out the progress reports for RTI meetings, for staffing meetings, or for parent conferences. It goes great with our other workbook series, or works all by itself. You get to decide how YOU use this wonderful tool in your classroom. It’s short and to the point, with an assessment or two in every standard in fourth grade. Get your 100-or-so page volume now!

ELA areas assessed: Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, Reading Foundational Skills, Language, Writing, Speaking & Listening

MATH areas assessed:  Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Numbers and Operations in Base Ten, Geometry, Measurement and Data

Fourth Grade Common Core Assessment Workbook

Fourth Grade Common Core Assessment Workbook

Fourth Grade Common Core Assessments – Click Here

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Common Core Resources for Homeschool

Common Core Resources for Homeschool

Every school in the nation, or nearly every state and district, is in one way, shape, or form switching to common core. Some states are doing their own version, but nearly all states have adopted the national standards. What does that mean for homeschooled students? Since most homeschool students still have to take some state assessments, and since those assessments will be soon – if they are not already – aligned to the new national standards instead of old state standards, what is being taught at home might not be adequate anymore. Students might take those state tests and be unprepared for them. The changes might not seem too deep on the surface, but they have reexamined and realigned the way in which students learn, especially the WHEN part of that equation, even if teachers still have some freedom as to the HOW.

Our common core standards workbooks fit into any program. Some might use it as a supplement or as additional practice, but it also works for remediation, or as a core educational material to be supplemented with homeschool lessons and research projects. Take a look at our free samples to see if what we have fits with your homeschool student’s learning.

Kindergarten SampleFirst Grade SampleSecond Grade SampleThird Grade SampleFourth Grade SampleFifth Grade Sample

Common Core Workbooks

Common Core Resources for Homeschool

Common Core Resources for Homeschool

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How to Use the Fourth Grade Common Core Workbook

How to Use the Fourth Grade Common Core Workbook

So you’re a pro at using all those ELA resources, but the math stuff sort of scares you – or overwhelms. Having taught math, I know how hard it can be to squeeze activities and centers into a lessons when NO ONE seems to be getting it. Right?

The cool thing about most of the centers activities in the math section, is that they can be used to preload a lot of materials or as a review. They work great at the same time as the textbook lessons as well, but I like yanking them back out right before unit tests, or as a surprise review of what we learned a month ago – things that students think are safe to forget now!

Take for example the activity for 5.OA.1, a standard that says: “Interpret a multiplication equation as a comparison, e.g., interpret 35 = 5 × 7 as a statement that 35 is 5 times as many as 7 and 7 times as many as 5. Represent verbal statements of multiplicative comparisons as multiplication equations.” This basically says that students should know their fact families and how factors work in teams to make products, right?

The activity for this standard has students matching word problems to pictures to products to multiplication sentences. It’s a 4-way match. It helps visualize the idea of multiplication and the matching between concrete and abstract must occur. Afterward, the worksheet that goes with this activity gives you something you can use for a grade or just as a check for understanding.

The two supporting worksheets that go with this standard have students drawing pictures, like 3 sets of 5 or 5 sets of 3 to illustrate a multiplication problem like 5×3=15. They also have to write word problems out in words, relating the fact families into written sentences. These are great for review, for a grade, as a pop quiz, or just about anything you want.

The beauty of having so many standards is that you could have a day where 3 teams work on a random standard, and you work with the ones who need it most. Keeping the groups organic and changing, you could remediate after a test, while not holding back those who do actually understand.


For more ideas, take a look at our free previews of the Fourth Grade Common Core Workbook to find things that you can use in your room in your own particular style. Every teacher has their own way of doing things, and we just want to support you! Hopefully it’s an adventure for everyone involved.

Fourth Grade Common Core Workbook

Fourth Grade Common Core Workbook – Free Sample

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What is Common Core?

What is Common Core?

The Common Core Standards can be confusing, frustrating, and stressful for teachers, parents, and even the kids. Nearly every state in the country is adopting the common core standards in one fashion or another, but what is common core really?

Common Core is a set of standards designed to make sure that students are receiving a similar education no matter where they live. Previously, certain skills might be taught in one state at different grade level than in another. Students who move from city to city, county to county, or state to state might all be at very different levels because of what was taught and when it was taught! This made for a very uneven testing field.

To combat this, most every state has adapted a common group of core skills that students should learn at age and developmentally-appropriate grade levels. So, a student that lives in one state should be learning similar materials, if perhaps in a different method, than one living in another state. This still leaves room for teacher creativity and regional differences, but the same basic concepts are taught universally.

Read below for more specific details on what standards are being taught at each grade level and how they are organized.


Common Core English Language Arts

Common Core English Language Arts

There are 6 Domains for the Common Core English and Language Arts. Each Domain has many standards for each grade level. These Domains are:

  1. Reading: Literature 
  2. Reading: Informational Text
  3. Reading: Foundational Skills
  4. Writing
  5. Speaking and Listening
  6. Language

There are 6 Domains for the Common Core Math. Each Domain has many standards for each grade level. These Domains are:

  1. Counting and Cardinality
  2. Operations and Algebraic Thinking
  3. Number and Operations in Base Ten
  4. Number and Operations – Fractions
  5. Measurement and Data
  6. Geometry

Each Grade Level has specific Common Core Standards for Math and English Language Arts that students must learn throughout the school year. In other words, the Common Core is basically, “What your students should learn by the end of the school year.” Use these links to learn more about your child’s Grade Level Common Core Standards in Math and English: Kindergarten Standards, First Grade Standards, Second Grade Standards, Third Grade Standards, Fourth Grade Standards, Fifth Grade Standards.

Common Core Workbooks

Common Core Workbooks