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Common Core Workbooks and Assessments

Common Core Workbooks and Assessments

We are now offering our wonderful K-5 Common Core Workbooks and Assessment Workbooks as Instant Download, Preloaded on USB, and Paperback!

Common Core Workbooks

Kindergarten Common Core Workbooks and Assessments

First Grade Common Core Workbooks and Assessments

Second Grade Common Core Workbooks and Assessments

Third Grade Common Core Workbooks and Assessments

Fourth Grade Common Core Workbooks and Assessments

Fifth Grade Common Core Workbooks and Assessments

Common Core Assessment Workbooks

Common Core Assessments – Click Here

Common Core Assessments

The brand new Common Core Assessments are here! These Common Core Assessment Workbooks offer an effective way to assess every Common Core Standard for Math and English! Each Assessment Workbook, available in grades Kindergarten, First Grade, Second, Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, and Fifth Grade, includes nearly 100 pages of Common Core Assessments for all the English and Math Common Core Standards! Answer Keys and Progress Reports Are Included in each workbook.

Common Core Assessment Workbooks

Common Core Assessments – Click Here

Common Core Assessment Templates

Common Core Assessment Templates

Have Fun Teaching and Core Common Standard’s very own Velerion Damarke (the pen name of Andrew Frinkle), with some artistic help from HFT’s prez Mark Luchauer, has created a brand new common core assessment tool called Common Core Assessment Templates. We thought that this was a great companion tool that could be used in certain situations with our own Common Core Workbooks and Common Core Assessment Workbooks.

Common Core Assessment Templates
Common Core Assessment Templates

Download Common Core Assessment Templates – Click Here


Before we start getting into the details on the new program, here’s the difference between this program and our own program: The Common Core Assessments have been developed specific to each grade level and each standard, while this workbook of blank testing templates is for any grade. So, while Core Common Standards’ program offers an assessment for each standard that you can grade, this one is more of a make-your-own assessment guidebook with TONS of blank templates to help you design tests of your own.

Featured inside Common Core Assessment Templates are 175 different templates, all BLANK test forms, so you can make them into any test for any level or any topic as needed. They are essentially blank test forms designed to suit just about every testing need, with graphic organizers, multiple choice, writing spaces, problem boxes… These are all color-coded categories of templates, but everything can still be printed in black and white with no content loss.  Templates are adaptable to any grade level. While templates are recommended most strongly for K-5, there are a lot that can be used in Middle and High School! Templates have been standardized to help students get used to the format. There is an Easy Scoring system from 1-10 on every page, and student names are obvious for fast grading. Each page has a box to put standards in. Here are more features:


* Primary: writing letters, spelling, penmanship line forms…
* Writing: sentences, paragraphs, essays, letters…
* Language: cause and effect, word work, vocabulary, parts of speech, cause & effect, plot elements, chronology…
* Math: geometry, operations, time, measurement, fractions, inequalities…
* Graphic Organizers: venns, sorts, timelines, rating forms…
* Quizzing Templates:  Multiple Choice, True or False, Problem Boxes, Short Answer…
* Problem Boxes: A variety of forms from 4-10 problems for page, great for math…
* Matching: math definitions, pictures, words, in all kinds of combinations…

The brand new Common Core Assessment Templates are here! This handsome volume is 196 pages long, and can be bought via a digital download on or bought in a B&W version for $14.99 on Amazon and a full color version for $36.99 (color costs more to print).

Fifth Grade Common Core Assessments

Fifth Grade Common Core Assessments

I know, another test? Right? Well, we tried to make it as painless as possible with these quick assessments for each standard in our Fifth Grade Common Core Assessments workbook. The truth is, you NEED to test, even if you hate it. Why not make it as simple as possible with ready-made tests, answer keys, and progress reports, so you can get back to teaching and reviewing then? That way you’ve satisfied all the duties you need to while keeping teaching momentum. At 100 pages long, this is pretty short considering all these standards are being tested:

ELA areas assessed: Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, Reading Foundational Skills, Language, Writing, Speaking & Listening

MATH areas assessed:  Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Numbers and Operations in Base Ten, Geometry, Measurement and Data

Fifth Grade Common Core Assessment Workbook

Fifth Grade Common Core Assessment Workbook

Fifth Grade Common Core Assessments – Click Here

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